Miscellaneous New Features

These new features defy categorization:

Packages moved to PowerTools --

The following packages have been moved to PowerTools:

  • The dosemu DOS emulator

  • Version 1 of the fvwm window manager

  • The aKtion and xanim movie viewers

  • The mxp fractal generator

  • The xwpick window grabber

  • The xearth eye candy application

Changes to termcap and terminfo entries --

The termcap and terminfo entries have been changed to make the actions of the following keys more consistent:

  • Backspace

  • Delete

  • Home

  • End

Changes may be made by editing your .inputrc file.

DocBook support --

Red Hat Linux 6.2 includes support for editing and processing SGML documents written to use the DocBook DTD.

New documentation CD-ROM --

Red Hat Linux 6.2 boxed sets now include a documentation CD-ROM. The CD-ROM can be used in two ways:

  • To install RPM-packaged documentation on your Red Hat Linux system.

  • To read the documentation directly from the CD-ROM. For more information, please see the README on the documentation CD-ROM.

Colorized ls command --

The ls command is now colorized by default. To turn off this feature, add the command unalias ls in your .bashrc file, or (to disable color on a system-wide basis) delete the colorls.* files in /etc/profile.d/.

Deprecated features and packages --

The following features and packages are deprecated, and may not be supported or included in future releases of Red Hat Linux:

  • The AnotherLevel environment

  • The wmconfig dynamic window manager configuration tool

  • The svgalib graphics library

  • The Red Hat Linux version 5.2 compatibility development environment

  • The mars-nwe NetWare server emulator

  • The BSD lpr printing system

  • The libc5 compatibility runtime libraries

  • Version 1.x of the Qt library

  • The libjpeg6a Red Hat Linux 5.x compatibility library

  • The iBCS program compatibility technology