Chapter 10. Installing Red Hat Linux via Text Mode

This release of Red Hat Linux features a graphical, mouse-based installation program, documented in the Official Red Hat Linux Installation Guide. But you can also install Red Hat Linux with a text mode, keyboard-based installation program. This chapter explains how to use it. Here are some recommendations:

The Installation Program User Interface

The Red Hat Linux text mode installation program uses a screen-based interface that includes most of the on-screen "widgets" commonly found on graphical user interfaces. Figure 10-1 and Figure 10-2 illustrate the screens you'll see.

Figure 10-1. Installation Program Widgets as seen in Configure TCP/IP

Figure 10-2. Installation Program Widgets as seen in Disk Druid

Here's a list of the most important widgets shown in Figure 10-1 and Figure 10-2:

Using the Keyboard to Navigate

Navigation through the installation dialogs is performed through a simple set of keystrokes. To move the cursor, use Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys. Use Tab, and Alt-Tab to cycle forward or backward through each widget on the screen. Most screens display along the bottom a summary of available cursor positioning keys.

To "press" a button, position the cursor over the button (using Tab, for instance) and press Space or Enter. To select an item from a list of items, move the cursor to the item you wish to select and press Enter. To select an item with a check box, move the cursor to the check box and press Space to select an item. To deselect, press Space a second time.

Pressing F12 accepts the current values and proceeds to the next dialog; it is equivalent to pressing the OK button.


Unless a dialog box is waiting for your input, do not press any keys during the installation process (doing so may result in unpredictable behavior).