CD-ROM Module Parameters

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Not all of the cards that are listed are supported. Please check the hardware compatibility list on Red Hat's World Wide Web site at to make sure your card is supported.

One of the more commonly used parameters, the hdX=cdrom parameter, can be entered at the boot prompt, as it deals with support for IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs, which is part of the kernel.

In the tables below, most modules without any parameters listed are either able to auto-probe to find the hardware, or require you to manually change settings in the module source code, and recompile.

Table A-1. Hardware Parameters

ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM Drives hdX=cdrom
Aztech CD268-01A, Orchid CD-3110, Okano/Wearnes CDD110, Conrad TXC, CyCDROM CR520, CyCDROM CR540 (non-IDE)aztcd.oaztcd=io_port
Sony CDU 31A or 33A CD-ROMcdu31a.ocdu31a=io_port,IRQ[,PAS] cdu31a_port=base_addr cdu31a_irq=irq
Philips/LMS CDROM drive 206 with cm260 host adapter cardcm206.ocm206=io_port,IRQ
Goldstar R420 CD-ROMgscd.ogscd=io_port
ISP16, MAD16, or Mozart sound card CD-ROM interface (OPTi 82C928 and OPTi 82C929) with Sanyo/Panasonic, Sony, or Mitsumi drivesisp16.oisp16=io_port, IRQ, dma,drive_type isp16_cdrom_base=io_port isp16_cdrom_irq=IRQ isp16_cdrom_dma=dma isp16_cdrom_type=drive_type
Mitsumi CD-ROM, Standardmcd.omcd=io_port,IRQ
Mitsumi CD-ROM, Experimentalmcdx.omcdx=io_port_1, IRQ_1, io_port_n, IRQ_n
Optics storage 8000 AT CD-ROM "Dolphin" drive; Lasermate CR328Aoptcd.ooptcd=io_port
SB Pro 16 compatiblesbpcd.osbpcd=io_port,sb_pro_Setting
Sanyo CDR-H94Asjcd.osjcd=io_port sjcd_base=io_port
Sony CDU-535 & 531 (some Procomm drives)sonycd535.osonycd535=io_port

Here are some examples of these modules in use:

Table A-2. Hardware Parameters Configuration Examples

ATAPI CD-ROM, jumpered as master on 2nd IDE channelhdc=cdrom
non-IDE Mitsumi CD-ROM on port 340, IRQ 11mcd=0x340,11
Three non-IDE Mitsumi CD-ROM drives using the experimental driver, io ports 300, 304, and 320 with IRQs 5, 10 and 11mcdx=0x300,5,0x304,10,0x320,11
Sony CDU 31 or 33 at port 340, no IRQcdu31=0x340,0 cdu31_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=0
Aztech CD-ROM at port 220aztcd=0x220
Panasonic-type CD-ROM on a SoundBlaster interface at port 230sbpcd=0x230,1
Phillips/LMS cm206 and cm260 at IO 340 and IRQ 11cm206=0x340,11
Goldstar R420 at IO 300gscd=0x300
Mitsumi drive on a MAD16 soundcard at IO Addr 330 and IRQ 1, probing DMAisp16=0x330,11,0,Mitsumi
Sony CDU 531 at IO address 320sonycd535=0x320

NotePlease Note

Most newer Sound Blaster cards come with IDE interfaces. For these cards, you do not need to use sbpcd parameters, only use hdx parameters.