SCSI parameters

Table A-3. SCSI Parameters

NCR53c810/820/720, NCR53c700/710/700-6653c7,8xx.o 
AM53/79C974 PC-SCSI Driver Qlogic PCI-BasicAM53C974.oAM53C974=host-scsi-id, target-scsi-id,max-rate, max-offset
Most Buslogic (now Mylex) cards with "BT" part numberBusLogic.oBusLogic_Options=option,option,… (See README.BusLogic in …drivers/scsi/)
 NCR53c406a.oncr53c406a=io_port[, IRQ[, FASTPIO]] ncr53c406a io=io_port irq=IRQ fastpio=FASTPIO
Advansys SCSI Cardsadvansys.o 
Adaptec AHA 152xaha152x.oaha152x=io_base, IRQ, scsi_id, reconnect, parity
Adaptec AHA 1542aha1542.oaha1542=io_base,buson,busoff,dmaspeed
Adaptec AHA 1740aha1740.o 
Adaptec AHA-274x, AHA-284x, AHA-29xx, AHA-394x, AHA-398x, AHA-274x, AHA-274xT, AHA-2842, AHA-2910B, AHA-2920C, AHA-2930/U/U2, AHA-2940/W/U/UW/AU/, U2W/U2/U2B/, U2BOEM, AHA-2944D/WD/UD/UWD, AHA-2950U2/W/B, AHA-3940/U/W/UW/, AUW/U2W/U2B, AHA-3950U2D, AHA-3985/U/W/UW, AIC-777x, AIC-785x, AIC-786x, AIC-787x, AIC-788x , AIC-789x, AIC-3860aic7xxx.oaic7xxx=string
Data Technology Corp DTC3180/3280dtc.o 
DTP SCSI host adapters (EATA/DMA) PM2011B/9X ISA, PM2021A/9X ISA, PM2012A, PM2012B, PM2022A/9X EISA, PM2122A/9X, PM2322A/9X, SmartRAID PM3021, PM3222, PM3224eata.oeata=port0,port1,port2,… options eata io_port=port0,port1,port2,… option=value
DTP SCSI Adapters PM2011, PM2021, PM2041, PM3021, PM2012B, PM2022, PM2122, PM2322, PM2042, PM3122, PM3222, PM3332, PM2024, PM2124, PM2044, PM2144, PM3224, PM3334eata_dma.o 
DTP EATA-PIO boardseata_pio.o 
Future Domain TMC-16x0- based cards TMC-1800, TMC-18C50, TMC-18C30, TMC-36C70, Future Domain TMC-1650, TMC-1660, TMC-1670, TMC-1680, TMC-1610M/MER/MEX, TMC-3260 (PCI), Quantum ISA-200S, ISA-250MG, Adaptec AHA-2920A (PCI) (NOT AHA-2920C)fdomain.ofdomain=io_base, IRQ[, ADAPTER_ID]
NCR5380 and NCR53c400 cardsg_NCR5380.oncr5380=io_port,IRQ,dma ncr53c400=io_port,IRQ ncr5380 io=io_port irq=IRQ dma=dma ncr53c400 io=io_port irq=IRQ
GDT ISA/EISA/PCI Disk Array Controllergdth.ogdth=IRQ0,IRQ1,IRQ2,… options:values
IOMEGA MatchMaker parallel port SCSI adapterimm.o 
Always IN2000 ISA SCSI cardin2000.oin2000=setup_string:value in2000 setup_string=value
Initio INI-9X00U/UW SCSI host adaptersinitio.o 
AMI MegaRAID 418, 428, 438, 466, 762megaraid.o 
NCR SCSI controllers with 810/810A/815/ 825/825A/860/875/876/895 chipsetsncr53c8xx.oncr53c8xx=option1:value1,option2:value2,… ncr53c8xx="option1:value1 option2:value2…"
Pro Audio Spectrum/Studio 16pas16.opas16=port,irq
IOMEGA PPA3 parallel port SCSI host adapterppa.o 
Perceptive Solutions PSI-240I EIDEpsi240i.o 
QLogic Fast SCSI FASXXX ISA/VLB/PCMCIAqlogicfas.o 
QLogic ISP2100 SCSI-FCPqlogicfc.o 
QLogic ISP1020 Intelligent SCSI cards IQ-PCI, IQ-PCI-10, IQ-PCI-Dqlogicisp.o 
Seagate ST01/ST02seagate.ocontroller_type=1 base_address=base_addr irq=irq
Future Domain TMC-885, TMC-950seagate.ocontroller_type=2 base_address=base_addr irq=irq
Cards with the sym53c416 chipsetsym53c416.osym53c416=PORTBASE[,IRQ] sym53c416 io=PORTBASE irq=IRQ
Trantor T128/T128F/T228 SCSI Host Adaptert128.o 
Tekram DC390 and other AMD53C974A based PCI SCSI adapterstmscsim.otmscsim=ID,SPEED
UltraStor 14F/34F SCSI host adapters (14F, 24F, 34F)u14-34f.ou14-34f=io_port1,io_port2,… io_port10 u14-34f io_port=io_port1,io_port2, … io_port10
UltraStor 14F, 24F, and 34Fultrastor.o 
WD7000-FASST2,WD7000-ASC, WD7000-AX/MX/EXwd7000.owd7000=IRQ,dma,io_port wd7000 io=io_port irq=IRQ dma=dma

Here are some examples of these modules in use:

Table A-4. SCSI Parameters Configuration Examples

Adaptec AHA1522 at port 330, IRQ 11, SCSI ID 7aha152x=0x330,11,7
Adaptec AHA1542 at port 330bases=0x330
Future Domain TMC-800 at CA000, IRQ 10controller_type=2 base_address=0xca000 irq=10

When a parameter has commas, make sure you do not put a space after a comma.