Ethernet parameters

Table A-5. Ethernet Module Parameters

3Com 3c5013c501.o3c501=io_port,IRQ
3Com 3c503 and 3c503/163c503.o3c503=io_port,IRQ 3c503 io=io_port_1,io_port_n irq=IRQ_1,IRQ_n
3Com EtherLink Plus (3c505)3c505.o3c505=io_port,IRQ,DMA 3c505 io=io_port_1,io_port_n irq=IRQ_1,IRQ_2 dma=dma_1,dma_n
3Com EtherLink 163c507.o3c507=io_port,IRQ 3c507 io=io_port irq=IRQ
3Com EtherLink III3c509.o3c509=IRQ
3Com ISA EtherLink XL "Corkscrew"3c515.o 
3Com EtherLink PCI III/XL Vortex (3c590, 3c592, 3c595, 3c597) Boomerang (3c900, 3c905, 3c595)3c59x.o 
Apricot 680x0 VME, 82596 chipset82596.o82596=IRQ 82596 irq=IRQ
Ansel Communications AC3200 EISAac3200.oac3200=io_port,IRQ ac3200 io=io_port_1,io_port_n irq=IRQ_1,IRQ_n
Alteon AceNIC Gigabit Ethernet driveracenic.oacenic=trace,link acenic trace=trace link=val
Allied Telesis AT1700at1700.oat1700=io_port,IRQ at1700 io=io_port irq=IRQ
Tangent ATB-II, Novel NL-10000, Daystar Digital LT-200, Dayna DL2000, DaynaTalk PC (HL), COPS LT-95, Farallon PhoneNET PC II, IIIcops.ocops=io_port,IRQ cops io=io_port irq=IRQ
Modular driver for the COSA or SRP synchronous serial cardcosa.ocosa=io_port,IRQ,dma
Crystal LAN CS8900/CS8920cs89x0.ocs89x0=io_port,IRQ,MEDIA_TYPE cs89x0 io=io_port irq=IRQ media=TYPE
EtherWORKS DE425 TP/COAX EISA, DE434 TP PCI, DE435/450 TP/COAX/AUI PCI DE500 10/100 PCI Kingston, LinkSys, SMC8432, SMC9332, Znyx31[45], and Znyx346 10/100 cards with DC21040 (no SROM), DC21041[A], DC21140[A], DC21142, DC21143 chipsetsde4x5.ode4x5=io_port de4x5 io=io_port de4x5 args='ethX[fdx] autosense=MEDIA_STRING'
D-Link DE-600 Ethernet Pocket Adapterde600.o 
D-Link DE-620 Ethernet Pocket Adapterde620.ode620 io=io_port irq=IRQ bnc=1 utp=1
DIGITAL DEPCA & EtherWORKS DEPCA, DE100, DE101, DE200 Turbo, DE201Turbo DE202 Turbo TP/BNC, DE210, DE422 EISAdepca.odepca=io_port,IRQ depca io=io_port irq=IRQ
Digi Intl. RightSwitch SE-X EISA and PCIdgrs.o 
Cabletron E2100 series ethercardse2100.oe2100=io_port,IRQ e2100 io=io_port irq=IRQ
Intel i82595 ISA EtherExpressPro10/10+ drivereepro.oeepro=io_port,IRQ,mem eepro io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem
Intel i82557/i82558 PCI EtherExpressPro drivereepro100.o 
Intel EtherExpress 16 (i82586)eexpress.oeexpress=io_port,IRQ eexpress io=io_port irq=IRQ
SMC EtherPower II 9432 PCI (83c170/175 EPIC series)epic100.o 
Racal-Interlan ES3210 EISA Network Adapteres3210.oes3210=io_port,IRQ,mem es3210 io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem
ICL EtherTeam 16i/32eth16i.oeth16i=io_port,mediatype eth16i ioaddr=io_port mediatype=type
EtherWORKS 3 (DE203, DE204 and DE205)ewrk3.oewrk=io_port,IRQ ewrk io=io_port irq=IRQ
Fujitsu FMV-181/182/183/184fmv18x.ofmv18x=io_port,IRQ fmv18x io=io_port irq=IRQ
Modular driver for the Comtrol Hostess SV11hostess_sv11.ohostess_sv11=io_port, IRQ, DMABIT hostess_sv11 io=io_port irq=IRQ dma=DMABIT
HP PCLAN/plushp-plus.ohp-plus=io_port,IRQ hp-plus io=io_port irq=IRQ
HP LAN Ethernethp.ohp=io_port,IRQ hp io=io_port irq=IRQ
100VG-AnyLan Network Adapters HP J2585B, J2585A, J2970, J2973, J2573 Compex ReadyLink ENET100-VG4, FreedomLine 100/VGhp100.ohp100=io_port,name hp100 hp100_port=io_port hp100_name=name
IBM Token Ring 16/4ibmtr.oibmtr=io_port,IRQ,mem ibmtr io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem
AMD LANCE/PCnet Allied Telesis AT1500, HP J2405A, NE2100, NE2500lance.olance=io_port,IRQ,dma lance io=io_port_1,io_port_n irq=IRQ_1,IRQ_2 dma=dma_1,dma_n
Mylex LNE390 EISA cards (LNE390A, LNE390B)lne390.olne390=io_port,IRQ,mem lne390 io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem
 ltpc.oltpc=io_port,IRQ ltpc io=io_port irq=IRQ
NE1000 / NE2000 (non-pci),IRQ ne io=io_port irq=IRQ
PCI NE2000 cards RealTEk RTL-8029, Winbond 89C940, Compex RL2000, KTI ET32P2, NetVin, NV5000SC, Via 82C926, SureCom NE34ne2k-pci.o 
Novell NE3210 EISA Network Adapterne3210.one3210=io_port,IRQ,mem ne3210 io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem
MiCom-Interlan NI5010 ethercardni5010.oni5010=io_port,IRQ ni5010 io=io_port irq=IRQ
NI5210 card (i82586 Ethernet chip)ni52.oni52=io_port,IRQ ni52 io=io_port irq=IRQ
NI6510, ni6510 EtherBlasterni65.oni65=io_port,IRQ,dma ni65 io=io_port irq=IRQ dma=dma
AMD PCnet32 and AMD PCnetPCIpcnet32.o 
RedCreek Communications PCIrcpci.o 
RealTek cards using RTL8129 or RTL8139 Fast Ethernet chipsetsrtl8139.o 
Sangoma S502/S508 multi-protocol FRsdla.o 
Sangoma S502A, ES502A, S502E, S503, S507, S508, S509sdladrv.o 
SysKonnect Token Ring ISA/PCI Adapter, TR4/16(+) ISA or PCI, TR4/16 PCI, and older SK NET TR4/16 ISA cardssktr.osktr=io_port,IRQ,mem sktr io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem
SMC Ultra and SMC EtherEZ ISA ethercard (8K, 83c790)smc-ultra.osmc-ultra=io_port,IRQ smc-ultra io=io_port irq=IRQ
SMC Ultra32 EISA Ethernet card (32K)smc-ultra32.o 
SMC 9000 series of Ethernet cardssmc9194.osmc9194=io_port,IRQ smc9194 io=io_port irq=IRQ ifport=[0,1,2]
Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP Compaq Netelligent 10 T PCI UTP Compaq Integrated NetFlex 3/P Compaq Netelligent Dual 10/100 TX PCI UTP Compaq Netelligent Integrated 10/100 TX UTP Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP Compaq Netelligent 10 T/2 PCI UTP/Coax Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX UTP Compaq NetFlex 3/P Olicom OC-2325, OC-2183, OC-2326tlan.otlan=io_port,IRQ,aui,debug tlan io=io_port irq=IRQ Other Module Options: speed=10Mbs,100Mbs debug=0x0[1,2,4,8] aui=1 duplex=[1,2]
Digital 21x4x Tulip PCI Ethernet cards SMC EtherPower 10 PCI(8432T/8432BT) SMC EtherPower 10/100 PCI(9332DST) DEC EtherWorks 100/10 PCI(DE500-XA) DEC EtherWorks 10 PCI(DE450) DEC QSILVER's, Znyx 312 etherarray Allied Telesis LA100PCI-T Danpex EN-9400, Cogent EM110tulip.o 
VIA Rhine PCI Fast Ethernet cards with either the VIA VT86c100A Rhine-II PCI or 3043 Rhine-I D-Link DFE-930-TX PCI 10/100via-rhine.o 
AT&T GIS (nee NCR) WaveLan ISA Cardwavelan.owavelan=[IRQ,0],io_port,NWID
WD8003 and WD8013 "compatible" ethercardswd.owd=io_port, IRQ, mem,mem_end wd io=io_port irq=IRQ mem=mem mem_end=end
Packet Engines Yellowfinyellowfin.o 
G-NIC PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapter  
Z8530 based HDLC cards for AX.25z85230.o 

Here are some examples of these modules in use:

Table A-6. Ethernet Parameter Configuration Examples

NE2000 ISA card at IO address 300 and IRQ 11ne=0x300,11 ether=0x300,11,eth0
Wavelan card at IO 390, autoprobe for IRQ, and use the NWID to 0x4321wavelan=0,0x390,0x4321 ether=0,0x390,0x4321,eth0

Using Multiple Ethernet Cards

You can use multiple Ethernet cards in one machine. If each card uses a different driver (e.g., a 3c509 and a DE425), you simply need to add alias (and possibly options) lines for each card to /etc/conf.modules. See the section called Loading Kernel Modules in Chapter 3 for more information.

If any two Ethernet cards use the same driver (e.g., two 3c509's or a 3c595 and a 3c905), you will need to either give the two card addresses on the driver's options line (in the case of ISA cards), or (for PCI cards) simply add one alias line for each card. For more information about using more than one Ethernet card, see the Linux Ethernet-HOWTO at If you installed the howto package when you installed Red Hat Linux, you can find it in the file /usr/doc/HOWTO/Ethernet-HOWTO.