Package Installation

Figure 10-39 appears when the installation program is ready to format partitions and load software packages. The installation program names the log file (/tmp/install.log) for this Red Hat Linux installation. Select OK and press Space to continue.

Figure 10-39. Installation to Begin Dialog

While software packages are being installed, a screen like Figure 10-40 appears.

Figure 10-40. Package Installation Status Dialog

As each software package is installed, the top part of the Package Installation screen displays its name, size, and a summary description of its function.

In the bottom part of the Package Installation screen, the Total row shows the total number of packages to be installed, the total size of all packages, and the amount of time required to install all packages. As each package begins and completes installation, the completed and remaining rows are updated.

If you are performing a server-class installation, you are almost finished; turn to the section called Finishing Up.